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Priority Package

What Is Included
  • Initial service visit guaranteed by 7:30 am
    (Limited number of slots available)
  • Priority placement ensures early-morning service
  • Unlimited clearing of every snowfall accumulating to 5 centimetres or more
  • Extra visits for snowfalls under 5 cm after the intial 5 cm.
  • City plough blocked in driveway
    (Must Contact For Service)
  • Drifting snow on driveway
    (Must Contact For Service)
  • Coming back from vacation and want to ensure clear access to home
    (Must Contact For Service)
What Is Not Included
  • Added Service Fee for 3 To 5 Car Driveway
  • Optional Handwork for porch and Walkways
  • Optional Salting for all areas

The Priority Snow Removal Package is our premium package. This package has a limited number of available slots to be filled. Once they are filled we will not offer the package to any other clients. This package offers priority placement, with a service guarantee by 7:30am following 5cm or more of snowfall. We will continue service until there is a 3 hour period where there is no more precipitaion at which time the cycle will reset.

This package is only available for seasonal clients and is not offered as an upgrade for the 1 month or 2 month standard clients. If you have purchased a coupon the upgraded value is $299.00 plus HST for the season. If you are purchasing directly as a site member the value is $599.00 plus HST for the season. Payment in full is due at signing. Our regular value is for this package is $1200.00

You may also want to include our Flat Rate for Handwork and salting for the season. Handwork includes snow removal and salting from the following areas:

  • Snow removal from city sidewalks
  • Snow removal from homes walkway
  • Snow removal from homes porch
  • Salting of city sidewalks
  • Salting of homes driveway
  • Salting of homes walkway and porch
The total value for this service is $249.00 for the season and will be performed every time we attend your property. This offer is available to coupon clients as well as member clients at the same rate.

Expires April 1 2016