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Eavestrough Cleaning From MGS Cleaning Solutions
What is Priority Booking?

Priority booking allows any client member or coupon to request a specific date, because you need to be home for your dryer vent service there is no additional charge even if you book window cleaning at the same time. Below is what the normal additional fee would be.
Make sure to select a priority booking or you will be placed on the route for the week.

  • 10 pane Groupon deal $49
    Full Value is $79 Priority Booking is an additional $24
  • 20 pane Groupon deal $69
    Full Value is $140 Priority Booking is an additional $42
  • 30 pane Groupon deal $79
    Full Value is $195 Priority Booking is an additional $59
  • 40 pane Groupon deal $89
    Full Value is $255 Priority Booking is an additional $77

What Are Your Payment Methods?

We accept the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard and E-Transfers for the intial invoice.
We charge a 3.5% service fee for Visa and Mastercard. All amounts will be billed from the office with an online credit card payment that must be in our office up to 10 days after we send out your confirmation. We also accept E-Transfers of any amount, to E-Trans your payment simply go to your online banking select E-Transfer use this email address payments@mgscleaningsolutions.com as the recipient, use your home address as the security question and the invoice number from the invoice that we had sent to you when we confirmed your booking as the security answer. Once we receive your payment either from online or E-Trans we will update your invoice and send out a paid receipt. Our crews are only allowed to accept up to $50 for additional work at the door, be it Cash, Visa or Mastercard.

I Purchased Your Deal On A Deal Site, But What Number do I Use When Booking?

Each deal site has different types of codes. Most will have the coupon number very visable and easy to understand with terms like
Your Voucher Number is, Your Coupon Number is other sites like Groupon have different numbers, they send you a confirmation number, there is also a coupon number and what we need is the Groupon number, it usually starts with LG- and can be found at the bottom right hand corner of the coupon. If you are not sure of which number to use please contact ClientCare or give us a call.

I Purchased Your Deal On A Deal Site, But Your Booking Form Is Not Accepting My Number?

If you purchased a coupon from a deal site it can take up to 24 hours to upload your information into the system. Usually we upload after 5am each day, when there is higher volume it may get delayed. So wait until the next day and if you are still having difficulties booking please contact ClientCare

I Purchased Your Deal On A Deal Site, do I owe you anything?

If you are a Coupon Client, meaning that you purchased a coupon from one of our deal site providers such as Groupon, you are still responsible for the HST on the deal itself. Usually the amount owing is less than $20 dollars, all clients with monies owing will be sent an online payable invoice prior to service. If you have any questions about your invoice please contact clientcare.

My Coupon is About to Expire or Has Expired, Can I Still Use it?

As long as you book your appointment prior to the expiry date of your coupon we will still honour it. Our system has the expiry date of your coupon, when you enter the number it will either let you proceed or tell you that it has expired and will give you options to complete your booking. Remember as long as you book before the expiry date even if the appointment is after we will still honour the coupon.
If your coupon has expired you can still use the value of the coupon against our regular price. In Ontario all coupons are treated as gift cards and as such retain the total value purchased, as an example you paid $39 to a deal site for us to clean 10 window panes, our regular price is $79, we would charge you $79 plus HST and then take $39 off the total price leaving you with a balance of $50.27 owing.

I Missed My Appointment What Happens Now?

With our new booking confirmation system this should never happen, but if for some reason it does please contact clientcare.

I Have Booked My Service But I Need To Change The Date?

We need a minimum of 48hrs notice in order to delay your service. Once the service has been delayed you will have to rebook your service. If you are a coupon client we will have to send you a special rebooking number as your coupon will have already been used and our system will not allow you to rebook using the same number. If you are a member client and already have paid we will generate a rebooking number for you to allow a rebooking without paying again. If you have not paid simply rebook using your client number.

What Areas Do You Service?

We service most of the GTA From Oshawa to the east. From Newmarket to the North and west to Oakville, Mississauga. Of course we service all of Toronto. There are some cities that we service that is outside of our regular area, however there would be a service call fee attached. For a complete listing of all of the cities we service please look at our Regular Service Area Page. If you do not see your city contact us with your postal code and we will make a determination on whether we can service you and what if any the additional service call fee would be.

What Do We Consider a Three Story Home?
We consider a three story home, any home that has a walk out basement or an incline more than 20 degrees. Normally these homes may have two standard story living spaces but because of the elevation we would look at it as three. The rule that we follow is if you have to walk down from your patio doors to the ground then it is 3 stories, or if your standard story is greater than 9 feet.

Do You Service Condos or Apartments?
Sorry no we do not. In most cases the building Management has regularly scheduled service for your building. Check with them first. Also only specialy trained individuals can do that type of service and our insurance does not allow it.