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2017 is going to be an exciting year here at MGS and we want to share some of it with you. We have introduced Priority Booking this will get you to the front of the line, please read all about it on this page below.

We are still working on a uniformed booking system that will allow you to book multiple services on one form, easy for you and us too.

2017 will see many changes in how we collect payments and consent signatures. Below you can read more about these changes.

We are excited about these changes and hope it smooths out the process of Booking, Confirming and Paying for your service.

Thank you for choosing MGS and we look forward to servicing your home.

Priority Booking
As most of you know with outside service you are placed on a route for the week, which for some clients seemed a little stressful as they might be having a party or family visiting or they may have been planning to sell their home and wanted their panes shining. In 2017 these clients as well as any of our coupon clients and member clients will be able to book Priority Service. With Priority service the client can choose which day they want the service performed. We also give you a choice of an morning or afternoon appointment. We have a dedicated crew for priority clients and will be able to service 10 clients per day six days a week. The added value for the service is 28.5% of the full value of the service and not the value of what you paid. If you book inside cleaning the Priority Booking is included in the price.
For example

  • 10 pane Groupon deal $49 Full Value is $79 Priority Booking is an additional $24
  • 20 pane Groupon deal $69 Full Value is $140 Priority Booking is an additional $35
  • 30 pane Groupon deal $79 Full Value is $195 Priority Booking is an additional $40
  • 40 pane Groupon deal $89 Full Value is $255 Priority Booking is an additional $45

Confirming Service/Payment
In the past we would send out very long confirmation emails sometimes up to 7 pages. Well clients complained and because we needed a signature to be able to do the service we would receive 7 pages in an envelope at the door when we arrived. To much for us and our clients. In 2017 we will be introducing Echo Sign this is a program that will allow you to sign online and when submitted will send a copy to you and us, so there is no need to print everything off any longer as this will act as your permission for us to be on your property incase you are not at home when we arrive. It will also ensure that your service will get completed as we do need your signature.
As for payment, we have struggled with how to collect things like HST and other monies owing. We have deceided to allow only two types of payment. E-Transfers and online credit cards, please note we will no longer be accepting cash at the door. E-transfers can be made for orders of any amount. Please refer to the Window Deal Terms and Conditions for Details.Conditions and Restrictions For credit cards online we will be using Square Payments, there is a 3.9% service fee attached. Signed Consent forms and payments are due 10 days after booking, if you are selecting a service week that is less than 10 days away your Consent form and Payment will be due no later than the Thursday before your service week.